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Training certificate

Dear colleagues,

“Continuing professional development is a duty!”, you will certainly have heard or said this sentence in this or a similar way before.

As an important component of meaningful and necessary quality assurance, continuous and qualified professional development is indispensable. In order to meet the consumer protection demands of politics and public institutions for a documentable quality assurance, we have created an advanced training certificate that can be acquired by every practitioner of proprioceptive and biomechanical therapy, regardless of association membership, through appropriate advanced training measures.
can be acquired.
The conditions for the acquisition of the IFPB certificate can be found on the pages of the attached certificate.
the pages of the attached certificate itself.

Events that are recognised as part of the IFPB’s continuing education certificate are usually marked accordingly. Initially, you may still miss one or two further training courses on a particular subject area, but further offers are continually being added.
You can find out about the latest dates here, on our website or through the mailings and announcements of various professional associations.
You can also ask our office for the current international training programme and get a list of the events within the framework of the training certificate.

The continuing education certificate is a way of fulfilling the requirements of quality assurance through documented proof of participation in recognised specialist continuing education courses, thus further safeguarding the profession and therapy.

Join us!
Your I.F.P.B. Board of Directors

We look forward to seeing you!

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